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„LAM” is a debut album from a trio of improvising musicians led by Wacław Zimpel.

projekt: Łukasz Paluch

„Ever since Hera disbanded I haven’t had a working band”, says Zimpel. „There were only international ensembles that I could play with on the occasions and that’s how LAM came into life. I invited musicians that have similar backgrounds to mine – we all studied classical composition, we played jazz and later on opened up to other genres. Thanks to this we have a common understanding of music. The name was suggested by my wife Sara”, he adds. Musicians mentioned by Zimpel are: pianist Krzysztof Dys and drummer and percussionist Hubert Zemler (Slalom, Horny Trees).

Compositions that ended up on „LAM” are somewhat older that those from Zimpel’s first solo album „Lines”, released by Instant Classic in early 2016. „LAM makes use of longer forms that are common in trance music”, explains Zimpel. „But this time post-production was even more important, visibly overshadowing minimalism as a major inspiration. I am currently planning LAM’s next incarnation that will make more use of sounds created by my producer mooryc.”

Although crafted with a special attention to details, LAM’s album has its roots in improvised sessions that trio held before entering the studio. „I recorded those meetings with an intention to eliminate potential flows. Complete compositions appeared only after we met in the studio”, recalls Wacław. „Overall, we spent three days at Tonn Studio located in Łódź. It’s my favourite one, a very inspiring spot where you can concentrate on your work without any distractions. Most of the tracks were laid directly to tape and then found their way to mooryc’s studio where he added electronics.”

„mooryc suggested a different approach to our music and so they gained both depth and new spaces that we couldn’t reach before. Based on this we decided to alter the track-listing, dividing compositions into smaller entities that facilitate listening experience”, adds Zimpel.

źródło: Instant Classic



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